Looks like it is in Sony’s best interest to continue their contract with as Spider-Man: Far From Home is now their highest-grossing film ever. Up until now, Skyfall was Sony Picture’s highest-grossing global release ever at $1.108 billion. As of now, after yesterday’s projects, Far From Home stands at $1.11 billion. The film earned $376.6 million domestically and $732 million internationally. As such, it is the first film in the Spider-Man franchise that has crossed the $1 billion mark and that is only about three weeks. It also is currently the only non-Disney movie to pass the benchmark after quite a lot of underperformers this year.

It was only a question of time, as the film was enjoying a strong boost from Avengers: Endgame and a huge Chinese opening. Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently the second-highest earner in China so far. There might be a good chance that they announce the third installment in the film sometime soon, especially after the cliffhanger. The Tom Holland-led film has garnered quite a few records with its opening. Domestically, it is still behind Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man that still reigns at $403 million. We will see if the film can build up enough momentum to pass the record before leaving theatres by the end of its run.

Its successful run is also good news for Sony, as they invested quite a bit into the film’s promotion. The media campaign was valued at $288 million which is quite incredible and it would be interesting to cross-reference it with how much they directly invested. Don’t forget, the marketing budget is not included in the overall film budget and production companies share their overall Box Office income. Marvel Studios handles the production and creative choices behind the franchise while Sony has full control over the marketing. They were quite notorious for over bloating their marketing budget for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as they originally wanted to kickstart a billion-dollar franchise. Ironic to think that their goal was accomplished through direct cooperation with Marvel Studios and for it to become their highest-grossing film ever.

How often did you see the film? When do you think they will announce the third one?

Source: Deadline, Twitter, The Wrap