The Spider-Man franchise has been in the spotlight for the last few days, as Sony and Marvel cut ties after not being able to come to an agreement. We have seen quite a few debates on who exactly is at fault but it seems like the negotiations aren’t truly over. There has been some uncertainty if director Jon Watts would be returning for the third Spider-Man film. There have been so many articles from the trade with the co-financing deal switching from 50-50 to 30-70 and even recently to 25-75 that it seems like both companies are making their discussions public. Now comes another power move by Sony as they have now rehired Spider-Man: Far From Home writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers to write the sequel’s script.

The good thing is that this confirms that we won’t have another reboot on our hands and the gigantic cliffhanger from Far From Home will be resolved. Having the original writers return is also a good sign that they can continue their original plan for the threequel. Hopefully, we will also see the return of Jon Watts to finish the trilogy that he started alongside Kevin Feige.

While some public statements have been made, it currently feels like Disney and Sony are trying their best to lure the other into making a new deal. Feige has been very vocal about his love for the character and there were rumors of a Norman Osborn-like character becoming an overarching villain moving forward. Spidey also has some presence at D23 that would hint at the company being interested in working with the character. It would especially be a waste with Spider-Man being built up as the next flagship franchise for the studio that kind of continues the legacy of Iron Man after the events of Far From Home. Whatever happens, at least we know that

Source: Collider