Spider-Man: Homecomng began filming in Atlanta, today, and we have already gotten a look at the cast at work. Leading up to filming, there have been several announcements of new cast members, the most recent announcements being Martin Starr in an undisclosed role and Logan Marshall-Green as a villain. Today, the cast continues to grow, with Variety announcing that Hannibal Buress will be joining the cast.

Buress is older than many of the other cast members of Spider-Man: Homecoming, where many of the cast members are very young. He continues to add diversity to the movie, which director Jon Watts has said is a reflection of the diversity in Queens, Peter Parker’s home. It is possible that Buress will be a teacher at Parker’s school, or a parent of one of the other characters.

Do you have any speculation on who Buress will be portraying? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Variety.