A rather interesting surprise almost found its way into Marvel’s latest film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. One highlight of the film was the fact that we actually got to see the home made costume, which Peter Parker used before he got an updated version from Tony Stark that was prominently shown during the events of Captain America: Civil War. However, many wondered what the costume would look like, as it was only teased briefly in YouTube footage and when Peter hides it from Stark. The film does prominently feature the costume, which pretty much stays in line with that of his original design.

One rather interesting surprise is the fact that the costume may have looked quite different at some point in the film’s production. Taking inspiration from the famous yet controversial Clone Saga storyline, his costume of choice might have been a very well done replica of the Scarlet Spider costume, which even would’ve featured Ben Reilly’s version of the Spider symbol.

It is a great design that would’ve been a nice tribute to the comic origins, but it is better that they did not end up going with this version. If they did use this design, it may have hindered any potential for a clone saga story down the line. The design used in the film does have some small elements that did survive and we could see this design return later down the line, if they decide to introduce the world to Ben Reilly.

What are your thoughts on the design? Would you have preferred this one, or do you prefer the one used in the film?

Source: CinemaBlend