Over the past few months, we’ve been bombarded with casting news for Spider-Man: Homecoming, but unfortunately, nearly all of the castings were for ‘undisclosed roles’ – with the exception of Michael Keaton as the Vulture, which was originally confirmed by Deadline. Thankfully, following Marvel’s massive Hall H panel yesterday, director Jon Watts finally confirmed some of the characters and which actors would be playing them. As reported earlier, Tony Revolori is playing Flash Thompson, and Laura Harrier and Jacob Batalon have been confirmed to be playing Liz Allan and Ned Leeds, respectively. And interestingly enough, Deadline’s report of Zendaya playing a character Michelle, a name many of thought would end up being a fake name (much like Revolori’s reported Manuel was proven to be)? It turns out she is, in fact, playing Michelle in the film.

According to the filmmaker, Zendaya plays Michelle, Revolori plays Flash, Harrier plays Liz, and Batalon plays Ned. “We constantly refer to ourselves as The Breakfast Club,” Harrier says of their relationship.

Watts also briefly talked about getting the chance to bring Spidey’s classic villain, Vulture, to life for the first time in Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you’ll recall, the villain was confirmed for the film via a sneak peek of footage they showed for those in attendance at the Hall H panel. (You can view the concept art here.)

“Vulture’s the first real villain in the Spider-Man comics,” Watts says, “He’s in the second issue. He’s one of the classics from the best rogues’ gallery out there, and we’ve never seen him, he’s never been brought to life.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit the big screen on July 7th, 2017!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.