Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first step towards a new direction for Marvel Studios.  Though they took over the creative control for the production, it is still a Sony-produced film. All income from the film’s Box Office will go to Sony and if it proves to be a success it may also help solidify their relationship for future productions surrounding the Spider-Man intellectual property, such as the rather controversial move to create a connected/not connected Venom film featuring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

The weekend has finally come and we get to see if the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man still has his box office draw with its second reboot. Early predictions put the film at a great $90 million national opening weekend, but it seems that Homecoming is here to surpass even those. It already had a fantastic Thursday showing with $15.4 million in only 3,493 cinemas across the U.S. and many were wondering how far its very positive word-of-mouth may go.

With its opening in 4,348 theaters in North America, it is now heading towards an upward of $100 million opening weekend, as it managed to pull in around $40 million in total from its Thursday and Friday showings. This is great news for Tom Holland and his future as the web slinger and proves that the character still has an amazing draw in cinemas.

Homecoming is now the fourth film in the year to join the $100 million opening club, which is great news for cinemas as well as the studio, as 2017 has been a rather difficult year overall. Three of the biggest openings belong to superhero films, so the genre is still quite alive even after it was announced to be dying a few years back. Blockbusters have the strongest draws for people to go to theaters and with overall dropping numbers, it will be interesting to see if the upcoming Spider-Verse Sony films will manage to pull in similar numbers, or if this film’s release was boosted thanks to the brand-reliability of Marvel Studios.

What are your thoughts? How high do you think the weekend BO will go?

Source: Variety