The second weekend has arrived for Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Box Office and it was quite surprising. Sadly, it seems that the new  cinema entry, War for the Planet of the Apes, has proven to be a much stronger competitor then first expected, as Homecoming saw a drop of around 61% in its second weekend. This puts it on par with other Sony productions, Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It even is quite similar to Spider-Man‘s drop back in 2002 if you don’t count for inflation.

Friday reports were a bit darker, as the film saw a drop of 73%, but experts state that this number was to be expected. This drop is around the same that was seen with Captain America: Civil War back in the day and is considered quite normal for these types of films, even if it was welcomed with a very positive reception. Still, it managed to hold stronger in total. Still, it saw a total weekend drop of 61%, which is the lowest second weekend drop of a Marvel Studios films so far.

Is this the end of Spider-Man once again? Not at all, as the film is still pulling in good numbers and now has a total worldwide gross of $469 million, which does not include some of the biggest Box Office regions, especially China. It is one of the biggest openings for an MCU film, especially for a non-May release, which highlights the fact that it is a more front-loaded production. What is very notable, is the fact that the latest Spidey reboot actually has an incredible weekday gross, as it managed to nab $12.3 million on a Monday. This makes it one of the sixth best Mondays for a month that is not boosted by Independence Day.

It also benefits from costing less than the last reboot of the character, as even The Amazing Spider-Man was a rather costly $235 million, when compared to Homecoming‘s $175 million. There is still potential for it to reach $300 million, but at worst will end between $265 to $285 million.  Given it is already nearing the half billion mark, it will be interesting to see how far the film will go internationally speaking. There is the possibility that it could reach between $700 to $800 million, but with the delayed China release it is difficult to exactly pinpoint. The positive reception will certainly carry over into the sequel and while there is no indication that it benefitted from a “MCU boost”, it may also have balanced out with the issue of it being the third time the character is brought to the silver screen.

What are your thoughts on the matter? How much do you think it will make worldwide?

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