Following Sony’s last string of poorly received Spider-Man flicks, it looks like the wall-crawler has finally returned to the movie-going public’s warm embrace. The film currently holds an astounding 93% at review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the bane of rabid fanboys and film studios. As it stands, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the second highest rated MCU property next to 2008’s Iron Man. Along in the 90+% mark are Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War.

To those who aren’t aware of how Rotten Tomatoes functions, it simply is an aggregator of reviews and NOT an actual quality rating. Meaning it compiles verdicts from certified RT critics, so out of a hundred certified Rotten Tomatoes critics, 93 of them rated Spider-Man: Homecoming ‘fresh’ or good. Rotten Tomatoes is also binary in its approach to determining quality so it deals in ‘fresh’ and ‘rotten’ labels with no middle ground. So just because a film isn’t in the 80 and above mark doesn’t mean it’s a critical failure. Just so you folks know. Regardless, it excites to no end seeing what could have been a disastrous collaboration between the two studios work like magic.

On top of this great news, Marvel and Sony have finally released a GREAT Spider-Man: Homecoming poster courtesy of the design lords from Mondo. Gone are the awfully photoshopped floating heads and the random background explosions! Check it out below!

Are you excited at how Homecoming is being universally embraced by critics or do you not give a crap what they think? What do you think of that Mondo poster? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Rotten Tomatoes and Mondo