Spider-Man: Homecoming has garnered a lot of attention after its release, as it received great reviews from critics and fans. It also had a great start in theatres on its opening weekend with a staggering $257 million worldwide but faced strong competition the following weeks. In its second weekend, it saw the MCU’s biggest drop of around 73% and some were worried what this would mean for the film’s success. Luckily, Homecoming actually was a surprisingly strong contender during the week that almost balanced out the drops on the weekends. In a way, the film has great legs as it still is pulling in good numbers facing competitors like War for the Planet of the ApesDunkirk and Baby Driver.

These legs have already carried the film quite far, as it has now officially passed the $600 million mark. Spider-Man is still hanging in there as it was still in the top five facing new films The Emoji Movie and Girls Trip, while Dunkirk was holding on to its first place. It brought in $13.4 million making it’s domestic Box Office $278.3 million and it will be close, but the film may potentially make $300 million domestically. It will probably drop another 50% next weekend that will put it at $290 million not counting its weekly income, so it is looking quite good for the film. Overall, the film has an international haul of $633.7 million thanks to an additional $19.7 million this weekend.

Comparing the film to previous entries from the character, it is still making good numbers, as while it did not make as much money as the domestic incomes of the original Spider-Man trilogy, but not adjusted for inflation it has made more than The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. At the moment it is still at the bottom of the worldwide income unadjusted, but it not only had a smaller budget, which will lead to a higher profit margin for the company. It still has yet to open in two key markets, Japan and China. The latter will not see a release until September 8th, but it could elevate the numbers for the film to potentially pass the $800 million mark. There is still a lot of uncertainty and the coming months will reveal the film’s overall success worldwide.

What are your thoughts on the film’s Box Office?

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