The numbers are finally in and it is official, Spider-Man: Homecoming has a successful weekend release not just nationally, but worldwide as well. It has now officially managed to earn $117 million in its domestic debut, which is quite a bit higher than the early estimates, which put the film at a $90 million plus opening.

This is a great win for Sony, who has been facing some struggles over the past few years and it puts the latest incarnation of the web slinger comfortably between Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man, which had a $114 million opening in 2002 and the still massive $151 million from 2007’s Spider-Man 3. It must be noted these numbers are not adjusted for inflation. It’s three-day total does put it behind the release of Marvel Studios’ other major release Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but it can proudly rest as the third highest opening of 2017 so far.

Moreover, this is in fact the largest opening for a single character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise if not adjusted by inflation. This certainly shows the star power that the character of Spider-Man has as part of Marvel’s long-list of characters. The film beats out 2008’s Iron Man Box Office of $98.6 million and it will be interesting to see what numbers the sequel can pull in.

That is not all, as while only opening in 60% of international markets, which does not include some larger cash cows like Germany, China, Japan or France, the movie pulled in a total worldwide income of $257 million. This is a good sign for the webhead, who will not face any larger competition in the more kid-friendly fair until November’s Thor: Ragnarok. Some debate if we will see a strong showing from Valerian in the market, but a lot is possible.

What does make Homecoming‘s Box Office much more interesting for Sony is the fact that it does have a “smaller” budget in comparison to other films from the long-running franchise. It is much smaller in comparison to the inflated The Amazing Spider-Man, which ended up having a large-scale $230 million budget and the sequel’s even more intimidating $293 million. With its $175 million the film pales in comparison budget-wise, but means that Sony not only has a great hit on their hands, but also a wider profit margin.

Are you happy to see these numbers? How much do you think it will make by the end of its domestic run?

Source:, Forbes