It’s finally here! The first full-length teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming has finally hit the web (pun very much intended), and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s the MCU Exchange breakdown of the teaser trailer, including some speculation as to what we can expect to see in Spidey’s triumphant return to the big screen next summer. Also, please note that I will be covering footage from both the domestic and international trailers, so if you missed any of the footage I’m about to cover, it most likely is included in the other version of the trailer. Let’s get to it!


The trailer opens up with a bank heist by a gang of thugs all wearing Avengers masks. They’re cracking a safe with some sort of specialized gun that’s emitting purple energy, but more on that later. In usual fashion, Spidey quips with the gang, sarcastically telling them that they’re not the real Avengers…the Hulk give them away. He the quickly dispatches the group, all the while perched on the ceiling. Just from this brief look at the scene, it looks like we’ll definitely be seeing a new fighting style for the webhead in this film.


We then cut to some shots of Peter at school. He tosses his backpack in his locker, and the next shot we see is him and Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) staring at Liz Allen (Laura Harrier). Peter says they should probably stop staring at her before it gets awkward, but they are suddenly interrupted by Michelle (Zendaya), who says it’s too late. It’s interesting to note that it appears as though Liz will be Peter’s primary love interest in the film. Just to clarify, it seems that she is most definitely the girl that Peter has a crush on in this film. We don’t think the plot will center on Peter’s love life, but it looks like this could set up a potential story arc later on. It makes sense for Liz to fill that role since she was Peter’s first crush in high school in the comics.


We then cut to the first footage of Tony Stark, who has a big presence in the trailer as a father-figure to Peter. In the car, Peter asks Tony if he can keep the suit, a reference to the new one he got from Stark in Captain America: Civil War. Tony says yes, because it doesn’t fit him, but that doesn’t make him an Avenger. From this little interaction we see here, it seems as though the chemistry between Holland and Downey will continue to be a high point for the film. Throughout the rest of the trailer, we hear Tony giving advice to Peter, and he seems very protective of his new protege.


Remember that gun I was talking about in the bank heist scene? Here it is again. Well, it’s not the exact same weapon, but it definitely seems to be powered by the same purple energy. Our guess is that it’s powered by Chitauri tech. In the shot pictured above, we can see Bokeem Woodbine, who is rumored to be playing the Shocker, holding one of these weapons in a parking lot filled with school buses. I’ll get back to this sequence here in a minute, though, because the Vulture just landed.


In the previous shot, we could briefly see Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, seemingly addressing his gang, saying that the world is changing, and it’s time they change too. Then we get this sweet shot of him in his full Vulture costume crashing into some building from above. It’s our best look yet at his wings, which appear to have rotors that are able to fold in and fan out as the situation needs. Then, we get our best look yet at his helmet.


This definitely is a new take on the Vulture, but the classic elements are still there. From this shot, it definitely confirms that they are going for a more pilot-like aesthetic to the costume, but there are still some nods to the classic costume from the books. For example, his eyes are green, which is a callback to his classic color scheme. We also get to see the fur lining his jacket around the neck, ruffled up to look like the ridiculous feathered collar he wore in the comics as well. It’s a nice balance of the new and old.


We cut to a few brief shots of Peter distracted in school, with a voice-over of Tony telling Peter that he knows school sucks and that Peter wants to save the world, but Tony advises Peter to lay low because he’s not ready. Then, we get to the scene pictured above where Ned finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. This is an interesting plot point, because, in the early comics, Peter didn’t have anyone to confide in about his identity. Now, in this version, Peter will have both Tony and Ned to talk to about his dual identity. It’s also interesting because if the studio does decide to have Ned become the Hobgoblin in the future, however unlikely, he will know Peter’s secret identity.


Okay, back to the purple energy weapons. Remember that shot of Woodbine‘s character by the school buses? This screengrab above is from that same scene. What’s interesting to note is that Peter appears to be wearing his first homemade costume, which would put this sequence as pre-Civil War (unless his new one is destroyed or lost). Back to the gun, it appears that Bokeem Woodbine‘s character uses that weapon he’s wielding to slam Spidey against a bus with enough force to dent the side of the vehicle. These weapons will definitely prove to be a big plot point for the villains in the film.


We then see a couple of quick shots of Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and Liz again as we hear a voice-over of Toomes warning Peter not to cross him, or he will kill everyone Peter loves. We then see this shot of Donald Glover and Logan Marshall-Green‘s unknown characters. Marshall-Green is wearing an outfit very similar to Woodbine‘s Shocker, so there could be a small chance that we’ll have multiple incarnations of that character in the film.


After the Vulture’s ominous threat, we can see him flying while wielding yet another gun with the same purple energy, only this one seems like it’s powerful enough to cause some major damage to a cruise ship. We then see a quick shot of an explosion toward the back of the ship, appearing to be caused by the Vulture firing the aforementioned weapon. We then get this great shot of the webhead holding the ship together with his webbing.


This further showcases just how strong Spider-Man will be in this version of the character. He’s already been seen lifting a jet bridge during the airport battle in Captain America: Civil War, but this takes it to a whole new level. This may be the strongest version of Spidey we’ve seen yet on the big screen. Finally, we get to what is potentially the biggest shot in the trailer.


One of the most hotly-debated topics of Spider-Man Homecoming has been whether or not we’ll get to see Tony suit up in the film. Well, we can officially put that one to bed. We will get to see Iron Man and Spider-Man team up in the film! Now before we get too excited, we still don’t know how much of a part of the film this wil be. Stark could suit up to help him take down the Vulture, but that would most likely be a very short fight. This shot could also potentially be one of the last shots in the film, as Spidey and Iron Man fly and swing off together after the climax of the film. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess.

July 7th can’t come soon enough! What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.