UPDATE: New toy images offering a better look at the costumes have surfaced.

As we approach Spider-Man: Far From Home, the thirst for details on the film keeps only growing. After a non-stop flow of info being leaked over the past year, Marvel has seemingly tightened the seal around its production leaks. But today, a leak has slipped from the cracks in the form of a Lego toy set. Two new Lego sets have leaked from the film, one depicting a battle sequence inside the Sanctum Santorum and one showcasing battle with a giant spider bot that we can probably assume is Lego being Lego and not actually included in the film. More importantly however, is the promo art of Peter’s new costume for the film.

MCU Lego sets have been loosely based on anything that happens in the films but they usually are dead on with the conceptual design of the characters and the locations being derivative of the film. We already expected Peter and company to spend at least SOME time in the Sanctorum so this isn’t too groundbreaking. The new suit seems to be a mix of Peter’s baseline Far From Home costume and the Iron Spider one he received in Avengers: Infinity War. There’s also seems to be another suit in the toy set showing a black and gold variant of the classic Spidey outfit.

Source: Twitter