It’s a Marvel-ous week, as we started off with a Captain Marvel trailer on Monday, are going to get an Avengers 4 trailer and end it off with the first look at Spider-Man: Far From Home. In just this week we will get a look at the three Marvel Studios productions of 2019, which will be quite a year for the studio. It seems that Brazilian Comic-Con got an exclusive on the various suits that are used in the upcoming Homecoming sequel. We get another closer look at the already revealed black suit, which seems strongly inspired by the Superior Spider-Man run, but the true stand-out is what seems to be a variation of Parker’s noir costume. Some set-pics from September did offer a small glimpse at the costume but now we get to see it in all its glory. The suit has many tactical elements that almost resembles Black Widow’s costume from Avengers: Infinity War or if it was part of some S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform. The missing batch might be a hint at its origin and we do know that Nick Fury has a role in the film. He may be acting undercover and offers Peter the costume after his Stark suit got damaged. Looking closer, we can clearly see the same eyes being used as the original suit, so this may be a last-ditch effort in his fight against Mysterio. Its main inspiration from the Noir-suit is its effectiveness for stealth so it will be interesting to see if that plays a key role in the film. Maybe Mysterio’s illusions always affect him when he tries a direct approach so he wants to keep to the shadows after losing his last suit. It is always fun to speculate but it will be interesting to see if we get an actual look at the suit in action in the upcoming trailer.

Source: Reddit

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