It has been almost a year since Spider-Man came crawling back into the MCU after a ground breaking deal between Sony and Marvel. Since then, we have gotten Tom Holland cast as Peter Parker, with newcomer Jon Watts being named the director of his upcoming solo film, and John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein currently working on the script.

Thankfully we will get our first look at the MCU’s version of Spider-Man later this year in Captain America: Civil War before his solo film hits in 2017. Most recently, the reboot got moved up three weeks, so both studios must feel confident with the current plan.

Now, word has come out from Disney, Sony, and IMAX (via The Wrap) that the reboot will get a run on IMAX screens upon its release, and be remastered for IMAX 3D. Josh Greenstein, president of worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures, had this to say about the announcement.

There’s so much about Spider-Man – including the web-slinging action – that lends itself perfectly to the IMAX screen. We are confident that audiences everywhere around the world will want to see it in IMAX.

Greg Foster, senior executive vice president of IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment, added by saying,

IMAX’s long-standing relationship with Marvel and Sony first began with ‘Spider-Man’ in 2002, establishing the ultimate way for fans to be transported into the world of their favorite characters like Peter Parker. By re-teaming with our friends at Sony and Marvel on the newest Spider-Man reboot, we are excited to deliver audiences what they’re asking for: a must-see cinematic adventure – in IMAX.

The last attempt at a Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, may not have been the most well received installment but there is no denying that it did some very cool stuff visually that will hopefully only be improved upon in the upcoming (and still untitled) reboot.

The currently untitled Spider-Man reboot is scheduled to hit theaters July 7, 2017.

Source: The Wrap.