While Captain America: Civil War gave us a quick…a very quick look…at the original costume the MCU Spider-Man made for himself. Tony Stark gave Peter Parker a brief look at some YouTube video of the webslinger in his homemade-suit before discovering Peter’s costume hiding place. The amateurish nature of the suit led Stark to comment that Peter was “in dire need of an upgrade.”


Judging from the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, the film takes place after the Stark upgrade, so it seemed unlikely that we’d see much of the original suit again since it has been made it clear that Homecoming will not be an origin story.

Yet, as reported by IGN, in the new line of toys scheduled for release in May, one of more interesting figures is Peter in the original homemade costume.


As this line of toys is branded as a Spider-Man: Homecoming tie-in, it’s logical to believe that the suit will feature in the film at some point though it’s not clear in what capacity.

Most likely the answer is that there will be a flashback to the early days of Spider-Man’s career which will, of course, show him in the original suit.

However, another possibility exists. In the comics Peter has needed to use alternate costumes due to mishaps with his suit. This includes using a costume-shop Spider-Man costume with clear plastic eyes.


Which didn’t have quite the cohesiveness of the original.


So it is possible that something happens to the Stark upgrade suit and Peter needs SOMETHING. No reason to suspect that he’d get rid of the original suit. It would have to seem a little too easy to someone like Peter that he’d be a couple months on the job and – BOOM – he gets a fancy new suit filled with Stark-tech? He’d have to suspect the other shoe would drop at some point and he’d keep the old suit for just that reason.

Or, it’s just a flashback.


Here’s a closer look at other toys in the line which aren’t quite as revealing as the original suit, but still interesting.








What are your thoughts on these toys? On the original suit? On the film in general? Let us know in the comments below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits US theaters on July 7, 2017.

Source: IGN