It was announced about a month ago that burgeoning director Olivia Wilde had been hired by Sony to helm their untitled female-led Spiderverse project which many speculated to be Spider-Woman. Not too long after that report, Wilde herself confirmed her involvement in this Sony-Marvel project. However, when asked by EW about her thoughts on the project, she may have revealed the involvement of another key producer.

All I can say is that this is by far the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me because not only do I feel like I get to tell a story that… God, like, listen to me trying to avoid like Kevin Feige’s pellet gun.

Like with the many Marvel projects under Sony and Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige‘s involvement has always been highly debated. We here at MCUExchange have made the mistake of presuming Venom was going to be somewhat adjacent to MCU hence our brief coverage of the property a while back. For this one, we’re making an exception because Wilde’s quote is very peculiar. Feige has never been involved in any of the recent Sony-Marvel productions save for the Tom Holland films. He wasn’t a producer on Into the Spiderverse, the upcoming Venom sequel, and Morbius. Based on Wilde’s comment, it looks he might actually be onboard for the project this time around.

Not too long ago, our friend Charles Murphy mentioned that Feige was reportedly looking to collaborate with Sony on a Jessica Drew project, given how Drew is one of those characters with deep ties to Marvel Studios-owned IP like S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, and the Avengers as well as to the Sony-owned world of Spider-Man. This collaboration, if true, is a big win for the character. You get the best of both worlds. The only thing I’m left wondering is how a deal like this came to be. Surely, there had to be some sort of trade-off or negotiation between Sony and Disney for this to happen.

Source: EW