Amidst all this “Is the Sony Marvelverse a part of the MCU?” hullabaloo and the complaints that Iron Man is too front and center in the Spider-Man: Homecoming promotional materials, some of us seem to be losing sight of the real topic at hand: Spidey is in the freaking MCU and will continue to intermingle with the characters in it beyond his appearances next month and next year!! In a super juicy behind-the-scenes article about how this whole Spidey/MCU deal came to be, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that a new MCU character is being considered for the eventual Spider-Man sequel and that Iron Man won’t be in it.

Sony will get a to-be-determined Marvel character for Spider-Man 2 like it received for Homecoming with the box-office monster Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr. But sources say it won’t be Iron Man next time around.

There is a growing number of heroes eligible for a Spidey team up in the MCU. Spidey is, after all, the guy everyone gets to hang out with. From the buttcracks of NYC and its neighborhood heroes to the mystical world of ethereal beings, Spidey has seen them all. Realistically speaking, they’ll probably get a marquee name aka one of the big guns to draw box office. And one of the tandems my cohort Charles Murphy suggested when we discussed this whole thing was a potential Spidey-Hulk and Spidey-Strange team up. With Spidey 2 likely to premiere in the years following the end of Phase 3, it’s purely logical to have the next wave of heroes leading the MCU to assist Peter in the next battle he has. Plus, the idea of Spidey hanging out with Bruce Banner is also something that’d be great to see.

And call me an irrational idiot, but I’m weirdly hoping out on Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil being picked for this movie. If there’s a character that makes the most sense for a team up with Spidey, it’s the man without fear.

Now we can argue all day about how tangential MCU characters keep getting shoved down Spidey’s film diminishes the prestige of his own solo film but the fact of the matter is, this is the essence of a shared universe. And you can bet Marvel and Sony will make the most out of it after decades of waiting. I for one am glad that we live in the age of blockbuster cinema where we can see Spider-Man interact with the likes of Hulk and Captain America.

Which MCU character do you think could make an appearance in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Hollywood Reporter