With production well underway of the third Spider-Man film, the internet has seen a generous flow of recent set pictures. So far, we’ve seen confirmed scenes between Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Zendaya’s MJ. There are scenes that confirm the film to, at some point, be set during a holiday time frame, which is new for a Spider-Man film. There have also been scenes confirming a possible small role by Holland’s younger brother, Patrick Holland. If that hasn’t tide fans’ appetite over, some more recent set pictures have just hit the web and given us some interesting pieces of information that might hold major clues about the franchise.

This past week Reddit user u/Archon457 posted a set photo from downtown Atlanta of what seems to be a food utility van with a F.E.A.S.T. logo. Spider-Man comic fans and more recent fans of the PS4 game will remember that F.E.A.S.T. is an organization run by Martin Li to provide food, shelter, and rehabilitation for the homeless. Like Peter, Martin Li also leads a double life as Mr. Negative as a supervillain. We saw a beginning to May’s charity work in the last film so it would make sense to see her take her work to a large charity like F.E.A.S.T. If this set photo is more than just fanservice, then we might just get to see the MCU’s Martin Li and maybe he’ll bring some Negative Energy along with him.

Other new set pics show us Tom Holland’s stunt double Greg Townley suited up in a motion-capture suit. This particular scene seems interesting because the majority of Holland and his stunt double’s filming usually involves a real-life Spider-Man suit or at the least portions of the suit. This is the case even when filming with the CGI- heavy Iron Spider suit. Previous set photos for this film have given us looks at Holland in a black and red Spider-Man suit almost identical to the one garnered at the end of Far From Home. There are minor design changes but it’s basically the same suit. Perhaps this Mo-Cap suit is a sign that we might actually be seeing Peter don a sixth Spider-Suit for at least some part of the movie? Let us know what comic-inspired suit you think peter will be taking for his upcoming multiversal adventure in the comments below.

Source: Twitter