Sony has finally unveiled the first look at the MCU after the events of Avengers: Endgame with the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. The world that will inevitably be saved by the Avengers still looks unsurprisingly chaotic but luckily, we have a teenager on a school trip to save us all. There are two trailers currently out but we’ll be breaking down the domestic trailer because it’s got a lot more meat to the narrative hints.

Right off the bat, we’re treated to a huge jump in Peter and Aunt May’s relationship. She’s actively using Peter’s status as a superhero to campaign for some local causes. We’ve never seen an Aunt May-Spidey relationship onscreen as open as this so it’s pretty exciting and adorable to see them have fun with it.

Our own Tiago Fiszbejn was in the CCXP a few weeks back where they debuted some footage from the film. According to him, a lot of scenes in this trailer were shown to them. This hilarious scene between Happy and May was one of them.

I gotta say it’s pretty cool to see even Mr. Delmar in this. Such a fun homey character tied to Peter’s roots. I hope we see him be a recurring character in Peter’s life. Their banter in Spider-Man: Homecoming was pretty great. Also, their continued use of Ramones’ tracks is A+.

Eagle-eyed fans know New York’s Grand Central Terminal to be the landmark nearest to the Avengers Tower. It was revealed in Spider-Man: Homecoming that the building was sold to an unnamed buyer and this trailer gives us a glimpse of the tower being rebuilt. Could a certain Baxter building take its place? Did Oscorp buy the building from Tony?

Also worthy of note is that they’re finally letting Spidey swing from skyscrapers this time around. If I’m not mistaken, they made a conscious effort to have Peter swing on low-rise buildings in Homecoming to give an interesting sandbox for the character.

I love how they’re slowly making Peter mature by having him make the decision of leaving the suit behind. Even though the rest of the trailer shows him with his blue Stark suit in Europe, it’s tiny character decisions like this that highlight his growth.

Also, check out that subtle nod to Uncle Ben.

A lot of people really disliked the MJ tag near the end of the first film but I totally buy her as THE Mary Jane and cannot wait to see her relationship with Peter blossom in this trip. I love how genuine yet awkward they are to each other.

We’ve heard about this bit with Nick Fury and Ned in Tiago’s CCXP footage description before but it’s pretty hilarious to see it happen. I also find it suspect that Peter’s spider-sense didn’t go off. Maybe Nick’s just that good of a spy that he goes undetected by superhuman senses.

I’m gonna take a guess and say that the rock monster sighting is where Fury and Maria Hill encounter the first of these creatures. I’ve been told this scene is set in Mexico which shows that the incidents aren’t isolated in Europe.

The trailer heavily teases this huge sequence in the Tower Bridge of London. In a cataclysmic scene reminiscent of disaster films like Twister, we see Spidey bust out of one a building nearby the bridge as it explodes and heads straight to the heart of the storm.

Later in the trailer, we briefly see some armed goons shoot up a place in what I think is a heist.

Here’s what I think is happening: Fury is investigating an international conspiracy surrounding major thefts. Whenever these elementals pop up and destroy a city block, millions of dollars get stolen in addition to the collateral damage. Also a common factor in these incidents is a wacky guy in a fishball helmet who always seems to be around to save the day. It’s more than likely that Mysterio is hired to stage these catastrophic incidents as a way of covering up their tracks, throwing off Interpol and stroking his own ego. Who his employers are remain a mystery but remember Numan Acar’s casting?

Alas, Quentin Beck in all his glory. I’m in total awe at how fantastic his costume looks. And the fucking fishbowl helmet. We couldn’t have asked for a better take on an iconic costume. His powers look pretty amazing too. There’s a lot of question about how his abilities work and I think Remy Hii’s character describes it best when he compares Mysterio to Thor and Iron Man; a seeming mix of technology and magic. I say ‘seeming’ because I doubt Beck has real access to the mystic arts. Tech is the more likely source of his abilities; holographic runes to give off the illusion he’s conjuring spells and repulsor tech to help him fly.

There’s also some question as to how these creatures are appearing at Mysterio’s convenience. It’s possible the creatures are sourced from some really advanced unheard-of technology but it’s almost too expensive a scheme for Beck (remember how much a minute of B.A.R.F. tech cost for Tony Stark?) If anything, all these elementals could be just super-powered people he paid to look like bad guys. Imagine Beck rehearsing and staging an elaborate fight with these bozos, them getting the moves wrong, and Beck screaming at their incompetence.

There’s also a bunch of neat stuff like Spidey’s retracting visors in the Noir-inspired suit, the look at the lava and water elemental which a lot of folks believe to be Molten Man and Hydro-Man respectively, and a glimpse of Peter’s big carnival fight in Prague against Mysterio among others. Overall, such a great trailer!