Looks like London and Venice won’t be the only European destinations for Peter Parker and his class. The Prague Reporter is saying that the production of Spider-Man: Far From Home will be heading to the Czech Republic this month to film scenes in the beautiful cities of Liberec and, you guessed it, Prague. The publication reckons that the production may film a carnival scene in Liberec based on local casting agencies’ search for jugglers, hula hoop dancers, and folk dance groups in traditional Czech garb.

Last we heard, Kevin Feige revealed that Peter’s European trip would be set during the summer and that Peter would be spending some time in multiple parts of the globe. The plot of the film continues to be a mystery for fans with toy and concept art sightings acting as fuel for speculation. Recent rumblings of a Hydro-Man concept art and Molten Man lego figure seem to indicate that the film will heavily feature multiple villains beyond Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Mysterio. Peter’s globe-trotting European adventure could be the reason why we keep hearing about more villains showing up.

Source: Prague Reporter via Comic Book