The interwebz has been abuzz with all the exciting photos that surfaced from the European set of Spider-Man: Far From Home. We saw the cast come together, Spidey’s new noir-inspired stealth suit, and a first look at Mysterio sans the fishbowl. Yes, Europe has been a prime source for some Spidey goodness but all things must come to an end. Tom Holland revealed today that filming has wrapped up in Venice, London, and Prague and that New York was to be their next destination.

One can only hope that we see more of the cast in New York, particularly baddies like Jake Gyllenhaal and Numen Acar. A previous video that came from the European set revealed a scene that was set in Newark Airport, a scene that brought Aunt May and Peter back together. I might be way off on this but this might be the first time Marvel Studios has filmed in New York after a long stint filming in Atlanta and London. It’s gonna be great to see them film Spider-Man: Far From Home in, well, his home.

Source: Instagram