Over the weekend, Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony’s highest grossing film and now it is being reported that the Spidey flick is set to be re-released with additional footage in theaters during the Labor Day Weekend in the US.

According to a tweet from Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit, the re-release is set to include a never before seen 4-minute action sequence.

The extra 4 minutes could revolve around the deleted scene from the trailers where we see Peter in the Iron Spider suit fighting off bad guys in the neighborhood as well as Peter getting things done before his big vacation trip such as getting his passport and selling his action figures. This sequence is said to be included in the digital home release of the movie where it will be a short film entitled “Peter’s To Do List” as confirmed by Director Jon Watts.

This is pure speculation but it could feature another set of deleted scenes not in the movie. It is not confirmed yet if this is going to be a post credits scene similar to what Avengers Endgame did in their own re-release or it could be added within the movie. If it is indeed the deleted scenes from the trailer, the perfect way to show it would be before the film starts as it will give a refresher of what Peter is up to before the course of the film.

Experience Peter’s journey once again when Spider-Man: Far From Home swings back to theaters on August 29.

Source: Twitter , Comicbook