Marvel and Sony just brought out Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Jake Gyllenhaal to debut footage from Spider-Man: Far From Home which happened to include a first look at Mysterio, complete with the iconic fishbowl head.

According to our writer Tiago, the trailer opens with Spider-Man in an event in some gym announcing something to a crowd. He heads backstage and sees Aunt May there. They have a fun sweet moment until Happy Hogan shows up. Happy compliments May’s clothes and there’s some chemistry. Peter reacts the way you’d expect to it and says, “What was that?!” We then cut to him mentioning a European school trip. He gets his passport but leaves his suit behind. You see shots of Venice and London. In their hotel room, Nick Fury shows up and hits Ned with a sleeping dart. “I finally meet you, Spider-Man,” he says. Images of Spidey’s new suits are showcased.

A big part of the trailer was the appearance of what Tiago described to be giant-sized elemental creatures. A giant made out of sand shows up in one of the cities, followed by a creature made out of fire. They reveal Mysterio without the helmet, looking badass with his hands emergency plumber orange county green smoke. In Venice, a massive water giant shows and in comes Mysterio, complete with the glorious fishbowl helmet, presenting himself to be the hero who saves the day. They reveal the title card and end with a tag of Flash making fun of Peter.

So this trailer aligns up with pretty much everything we heard in that Reddit leak a few days ago. Mysterio trying to save the day, elemental beings, and Happy hitting on Aunt May. As we mentioned it that report, we’re totally in for Mysterio making it seem like he’s the hero. We can’t for this trailer to drop!

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