A few days ago, an image from the Prague set of Spider-Man: Far From Home revealed a blurry look at a new peculiar stealth suit worn by Spidey. Initially believed to be inspired by the fairly recent “Big Time” stealth suit, a new set video has surfaced giving us a closer look at the suit. And well, it doesn’t resemble the “Big Time” suit at all but rather, the Spider-Man Noir costume.

From the boots to the vest to the belt buckle, we’re pretty much convinced that this is the Spider-Man Noir suit fans have been accustomed to. It’s a very exciting take on what would simply be a high-tech color upgrade for Spidey’s Stark suit. It has a very makeshift quality to it similar to Daredevil’s black suit. I’m very curious about how exactly this suit comes to be; intrigued by the specific scenario that requires Peter to bring this kind of wardrobe to Prague. Is he purposefully trying to pass off as a different superhero abroad as to not make some of his classmates suspect his alter-ego?

Source: Twitter