Spider-Man: Far From Home is little more than a month away, so as expected the marketing campaign and the hype fueled by it are starting to grow. Hopefully, we’ll soon be getting those special, usually very cool posters, like the IMAX or Dolby ones. Today, however, we got this very… generic looking one, as you can see below.

Well, it has the setting, a huge logo, the three main characters and the name of the film, all the film’s selling points but this was probably the most uninspired way to sell it. You’d think that with a character as outrageous as Mysterio, they’d do something cool and inventive. As notoriously bad as the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster is, at least it had the talking point of being really bad, to the point of people coming up with flying Iron Man memes. This one just looks so bland. As a matter of fact, this feels more like a magazine cover than an official theatrical poster for the latest film of the world’s biggest movie franchise.

Here’s to hoping that we’re treated to better posters in the six weeks separating us from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Source: Sony