Details about the plot of Spider-Man: Far From Home have been scarce given the secrecy surrounding the events of Avengers 4. But in a post on Reddit, a person claiming to have insider info divulged some potential plot details about the film:

  • Mysterio will make himself out to be the hero when he saves the day from threats terrorizing Europe.

  • These threats may be based on the four elements; earth, fire, water, and air.

  • Aunt May and Happy Hogan will have a fling going on much to Peter’s chagrin.

As unreliable these Reddit leakers can be, most of these details all fit with some of the stuff we know about the film so far. Rumors about Hydro-Man and multiple villains showing up in different parts of Peter’s European tour have been circulating for months. There’s that set video of Peter getting blasted by water off a bridge. And Mysterio trying to convince the world he’s a hero is pretty much par for the course for Quentin Beck. As for Aunt May and Happy, it’s a very plausible match that would result in some great jokes if true. All in all, we’re pretty much game for these details to be true.

Source: Reddit