Spider-Man: Homecoming is so close to release that the media sessions and publicity circuit is cranked up to full blast now.  Stars are traveling around the world to share their experience of filming this new iteration of Marvel’s most popular character.  IGN Latin America had a dialogue with Tom Holland and Laura Harrier in which they discussed several aspects of the movie.  Most interesting might be which of the decades and decades of comics Holland most identified with.

The comics that resonated with me most and that I used for my performace were the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comics.  They’re so modern and up to date with what’s happening in the world right now.  And for me it was a really really strong thing to follow.  And I have so many screen shots on my phone from like lines that were written that I stole to use for the movie…I like the “Clone Saga” a lot.  That’s a really cool cool storyline.

Those not well versed in the history of the Ultimate Spider-Man might be taking a double take at this moment.  My first reactions were “You liked THAT storyline” followed quickly by “That wasn’t an ultimate story!”  But a quick Google search reveals that Brian Michael Bendis in fact reworked the much maligned arc from the 616 Universe into the Ultimate line as well.  In a way this isn’t totally suprising.  Some of the elements in the movie point to the Ultimate Universe, even if they are more Miles Morales than Peter Parker.  (For example the presence of Miles’ friend Ganke, renamed Ned Leeds for this iteration.)

Much has been written about the age of this Spider-Man in comparison to others, and Holland agrees that is important to the character.

I think the main difference [from other MCU heroes] really is age.  He enjoys being Spider-Man.  If you give super powers to a fifteen year old they’re going to have the time of their life.  I find with a lof superheroes who are grown ups their powers come as a burden to them you know.  The other thing is he’s constantly making mistakes.  He doesn’t know how to be Spider-Man just yet so the movie is really a learning curve for him.

That age difference also brings with it a cadre of friends who are shaping this film to be the kind of High School focused story that we’ve been promised for some time.

The biggest difference is it makes it more real.  He is very grounded in reality and his friends are a really strong way of showing that.  Jacob [Batalon]…Ned is his real friend and everyone else is kind of like a group of friends he just exists in.  He has a really nice group of people to be surrounded by and it conflicts with him leaving to be Spider-Man.  It makes him leaving even harder.  Which is a bit of an interesting thing for the movie.

While one might suggested that “grounded” needs to be stripped from the vocab of every person involved with the MCU (what does it even mean anymore?), Holland’s meaning seems to fit well with the comics and character of Peter Parker.  One of the things that people love about Peter is that he is so much like a regular person.  He has real struggles and challenges.  He isn’t a billionaire or a war hero from last century.  His interactions with friends are part of that relatibility.

One such friend is Liz Allan.  After years of the character being largely ignored in film and TV (though she was in the 90’s animated series), Liz is now coming into the spotlight and has a much different personality than one might expect, according to Harrier

I think it’s interesting because Liz obviously wasn’t one of the more prominent women in the comics, but she was there for a long time.  She has a really kind of long story arc in the comic books.  I kind of started at the beginning and seeing what I could about her character, and doing a lot of research.  In the begging of the comics Liz really needs a Peter and we are not having that in this movie.  So it was cool that Marvel and Jon Watts gave me the freedom to change her and develop her character and work on her as I wanted.

What do you think of these comments?  Are you happy that these actors have spent times in the comics?  Do you like the change to Liz’s personality?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  And for more Spider-Man thoughts, check out this week’s podcast.

Source: IGN Latin America