Spider-Man: Homecoming may be still playing in theatres but avid collectors are already looking forward to its official release on DVD and Blu-ray. Its official release date is set for October 17 and will most likely be available digitally at the beginning of the month. Outside of its release date, we know next to nothing that is included on the disc. We now know a bit more, as the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has evaluated the age rating for the additional material to prepare it for its release.

The website reveals that a total of around 86 minutes of additional content is included on the disc which we think includes your run of the mill deleted scenes and blooper reels. What we’re really hoping for are extensive ‘Making Of’ documentaries that have been sorely missing from the MCU home releases.

BBFC has also reviewed the bonus material for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and noted a run time of around 182 minutes. This, however, also included the audio commentary of the film from James Gunn, which would consist of around 137 minutes of bonus material. That means the actual length of it was 45 minutes. Homecoming almost doubles that amount and could point out to a variety of interesting additions. Hopefully, this opens up the possibility of the return of Marvel Studios’ One-Shots.

What do you think is included in the release? Is there anything you hope to see?

Source: DVDreleasedates.com, BBFC (Homecoming), BBFC (Guardians Vol. 2)

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