The Spider-Man titles have always caused a stir among fans. When the title Homecoming was revealed, fans didn’t know what to think of it. Reports of the second film being called Spider-Man: Field Trip baffled fans as well. In classic MCU Spidey tradition, this purported title for the third film is likely to cause the most stir. As unearthed by our friends at Murphy Multiverse, the alleged title for the highly-anticipated sequel is Spider-Man: Homesick.

The evidence comes from both Esquire and Maxim, where both publications have the title listed on their site. Murphy’s Multiverse also did some digging of their own and learned that the title is currently being used on-site in Atlanta where production for the film is slated to be.

Yeah, that’s not a good title at all even though it follows the franchise’s naming convention. The word homesick also doesn’t resonate as well these days given how everyone has been stuck at home. That being said, it’s all going to depend on what the film is going to be. Fans have thrown out possible titles over the past year and easily my favorite is Spider-Man: Home for the Holidays. The idea of having a holiday-themed Spider-Man movie in the winter is just too exciting for me.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse