(Spoilers immediately below. If you haven’t seen Doctor Strange and hate having stuff ruined STOP READING! Right here. Right now!)

As you’ve likely seen in the final minutes of Doctor Strange, the Doctor’s primary foil, Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, has had his ultimate goal snatched from him (or granted to him in a Curse of the Monkey Paw sort of way). Swept off to the Dark Dimension by Dormammu for, if Kaecilius’s own ravings earlier in the movie suggests, forever! Or not. Something happened to him.

What is clear though (or at least clear enough) is that, in true comics fashion, is likely not dead. Anyone who has ANY familiarity with comics at all knows: if there’s no body (and sometimes even if there is), then there’s no death.

So it’s doubtful we’ve seen the last of Kaecilius, right? He’s certain to return to pester Strange again, no?

A Cinemablend interviewer asked Mikkelson if he thought we’d seen the last of rogue sorcerer, to which the actor responded with a very quick:

I don’t know. He was not looking too sharp in the end of this movie, but you never know.

Again, however, it should be noted, he agrees Kaecilius didn’t look too sharp, yes, but he didn’t say he was dead. When it was pointed out to the actor that no one actually killed his character, he seemed to just be removed…he agreed:

Yeah, it’s like [snaps fingers] a blink of an eye away.

See the video for yourself here:

Talk about your non-answers. Aside from agreeing that it certainly doesn’t seem like Kaecilius is dead, there’s very little other information the actor seems to have about where we might see him yet.

What do you think his status might be? Will he pop up again? If you think so, where? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend