It was recently revealed thanks to a leaked set photo that the much awaited Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal has begun filming. The photo revealed to us Frank Castle’s new and bearded look for the series. Now thanks to another leaked set photo via Twitter account Firstlook TV & Film, we know that a major character from Daredevil is included in the series: the unruly Karen Page.

It’s no surprise that Karen Page is the character to make a cameo in the Punisher series. The two had one of the most compelling arcs in all of Daredevil Season 2 and it makes sense for them to bring her into the fold once more Frank’s show. Despite the unsurprising addition to the show, Karen’s appearance in the show may mean a lot of new things, namely that Karen may have said goodbye to the Avocados-at-Law given the possibility of the series being set outside of New York for a change and the likelihood of the story being set after the events of the Defenders. Whatever the case may be, it looks our dear Karen Page has a lot waiting for her down the road. Diehard Daredevil fans like me are hoping that that road will lead into the magnum opus that is Daredevil: Born Again.

With NYCC beginning today officially, we can probably expect more Marvel Netflix-related news very soon including a full Punisher cast announcement.

Source: Twitter