One of the biggest reveals from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer was the destruction of Thor’s mighty Mjolnir hammer at the hand of Hela. This significant reveal at the beginning of the trailer indicates that it’s not as much a spoiler as it is a way to set the tone for the film early on.

Interestingly enough, masters of secrecy and directors of the next Avengers installment, Anthony & Joe Russo, posted to their Instagram an image from the recently wrapped Durham Cathedral set of a Reverend being deemed worthy by a not-so-shattered Mjolnir, leading to much speculation about its inevitable return.

The directing duo is notorious for cryptically teasing their upcoming projects and know their fan base well enough not spoil anything significant as they likely don’t consider Mjolnir’s presence here to be a major spoiler. Nevertheless, proceed with caution as we dissect and speculate what the appearance of Mjolnir on the set of Infinity War could possibly mean…

During a recent press conference on the set of the movie, the Russos thanked the Cathedral for allowing them to shoot the film there while the church conducted business as usual. Others have speculated the religious set location as a plot device and the Reverend pictured as an actor, however, the Durham Cathedral likely serves as a backdrop for Valhalla while the man holding the hammer is no actor, but rather the Dean of Durham himself, Rev. Andrew Tremlett.

Concept art released for Infinity War reveals the hilt of a very different weapon being wielded by the Mighty Avenger, however, the Russos’ Instagram post indicates that Mjolnir will return to its worthy wielder at some point during the course of the film. Perhaps it could be returned to Thor by the Valkyries in Valhalla where the mightiest of Asgardian heroes (and their weapons?) are laid to rest in an alternate dimension if deemed worthy in order to aid in the prophetic battle of the end of all things known as Ragnarok. Between that and Infinity War, he’s going to need all the firepower he can get.

Mjolnir has been destroyed numerous times in the comics and has most notably been restored by the magic of Doctor Strange or reforged by the Dwarf King, Eitri of Nidavellir; a home to the enchanted metal known as Uru and the dwarves responsible for crafting it into the most powerful weapons in the Nine Realms, including Mjolnir.

Previously speculated for the role of Thanos lackey, Pip the Troll, Peter Dinklage’s part in Infinity War has remained under wraps as the reveal could point to potential spoiler territory. If he is in fact cast as the Dwarf King and tasked with bringing Mjolnir back, let’s hope he throws in a suit of Uru Iron Man armor while he’s at it!

One thing’s for sure: with or without his hammer, Thor is Worthy. But only time will tell if Mjolnir is restored by the magic of Strange’s Infinity Stone, reforged by the master Uru Smith of Nidavellir, or if it was just a prop laying around on set that day. With all this in mind, do you think it will be restored by the Eye of Agamotto, reforged by Eitri the Dwarf King, or is it just more classic Russo misdirection?

Source: Instagram