Last week, a momentous shift in Marvel’s history was announced: Kevin Feige had been promoted as Marvel’s new overlord aka Chief Creative Officer, giving him control over Marvel Comics and as you know it, Marvel Television. This giant change begs one big question moving forward with the MCU: should Feige continue the established canon/stories/cast of Marvel Television or should he shred it down to its last atom and restart it?

I personally think that TV characters should be continued in the film realm of the MCU. Fans always love crossovers and seeing them interact or just being acknowledged by the films brings a lot of joy. This proved to be effective by the little cameo of James D’arcy as Jarvis in Avengers Endgame which certainly left fans excited. For instance, fans who have been invested with the Marvel Netflix shows and the ABC shows will have a sense of catharsis since they will finally see them interact with the major players of the MCU after a while longing for the two worlds to collide. – Aeron Eclarinal, News Writer

Naturally, both options have their pros and cons, but it seems more rational to reboot them. Crossing TV characters with the movies would definitely be amazing for those of us who follow all the shows, but could exclude wider audiences who would feel alienated seeing the Avengers work with… Cloak and Dagger? A bunch of teens with a T-Rex as a pet? Marvel TV is too different in tone and scale to the MCU of the films. Not to mention the few rotten apples that would be canonized with a move like that, such as Inhumans or Defenders S01. Sure, It would rule to see Daredevil and Jessica Jones kick ass with Spider-Man, but if that means having THAT version of Black Bolt and Medusa be the official ones of the MCU, I’d rather not. – Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer

The best decision that I think would make everyone happy is a soft-reboot. When these characters are reintroduced under Kevin Feige, they can be introduced en-media-res. Have it so that unless Feige contradicts them, what happened in the Netflix series still happened, but Feige can override that continuity any time he wants. Like, say, not having The Hand be a bunch of boring boardroom members or just…everything about Iron Fist. Heck, they can even bring back Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter as Daredevil and Jessica. But, allowing it to be a soft-reboot would give Feige a lot more freedom without having to be beholden to what Netflix has already done with the characters. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

Although I don’t expect either to happen anytime soon, it would be amazing to see some of the TV characters that we already know and love show up on the big screen! Having several seasons setting up The Defenders characters, for example, also means that the films don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time explaining who they are. And although there may be some canonical issues with the films not acknowledging previous events from the shows, the storytelling opportunities it would create far outweigh any potential issues it would cause. It also means the Netflix actors could reprise their roles which would be amazing! – Alex Lurie, Feature Writer

Marvel TV had its high and lows over the years. Some franchises like Daredevil, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Runaways stuck out but there were quite a few duds that left a sour taste for the franchise. Now that Kevin Feige will take over control for all future TV ventures, it is questionable if any of the creative decisions up to this point will remain the same. Personally, I would be alright with a complete reboot of the various franchises so that they fit into the larger MCU. My only hope would be that some actors will continue to play their respective roles. The Netflix shows are the most high-profile characters that will most likely see a return in the franchise and I do hope they bring back all the actors involved.

Out of all five main characters, I do believe that Finn Jones’ Danny Rand is the most likely to be replaced. While I do quite enjoy the Iron Fist series, I do think it is the series that would benefit from a Marvel Studios reboot to further explore the mythology that was skipped on in the series. Charlie Cox as Daredevil alongside the return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk and Wilsen Bethel’s Bullseye are actors I really want to see as a part of the larger MCU. They gave some amazing performances and continuing their story would seem fitting on Disney+.

Moreover, I do hope that Chloe Bennett gets to continue her role as Daisy Johnson, as she really started to grow into her role as the character in the SHIELD series. If there were any Marvel TV series that could continue without a complete reboot, it would be Runaways and Cloak and Dagger in my opinion. The castings are spot-on for these series and they still are independent enough that they can be integrated into the MCU seamlessly without having to change more of the core story. We won’t know for some time what exactly Feige’s new rule means for the Marvel TV series but we might be some interesting changes moving forward. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

While I did enjoy much of Marvel TV, I would be happy to see some of the characters rebooted. There was very little that connected each show to the larger MCU. Agents of Shield tried for a few seasons but has completely given up. I would like to see Charley Cox and Kristen Ritter return to their respective roles. But I would be much happier seeing what a full budget and fresh ideas could do for the characters. – Matthew Glover, Feature Writer

I definitely think Marvel should keep some of the Marvel TV characters. A few of them are, in my eyes, irreplaceable – Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, Jon Bernthal as Punisher, etc. – but others I could take or leave. Of course this only really becomes an issue with the Netflix shows – if you keep one, you kind of have to keep the others, and not all of the Netflix shows were that good. But that’s not necessarily the end of the world, and I think if anyone would be able to turn around some less well-received performances it’d be Marvel Studios. Thor only really shone and came into his own under the right directors, and the same could easily apply to characters like Iron Fist. Give Finn Jones some time to train, then bring his Danny Rand in as a supporting character who has matured and mastered his powers (and finally wears a suit) in the five-plus years since Thanos’ snap. In fact, this five-year time-skip provides the perfect opportunity to change these characters in any way Marvel need to before they reintroduce them. So yeah, I say keep most, if not all, of them. That said, if Marvel feels the need to change something or contradict something for the sake of storytelling, I don’t think one actor or character should be enough to stop them. – Alex Josiah, News Writer

Now that our lord and savior Kevin Feige has been given control of the Marvel TV division along with the movies, the question arises as to what should happen to the Netflix/Hulu/ABC characters: reboot or continue in the films? Personally, I’m mostly in on continuing them in the movies, but it all depends on the franchise. The Netflix characters all have been laid out very well and I’d love to see them actually become MCU canon (eg, Nelson & Murdock helping Peter Parker out with the whole “everyone knows I’m Spider-Man” thing). It would also be so great to give SHIELD a bigger presence in the MCU again as they started lay out in Spider-Man: Far From Home (Coulson’s still alive much?) and with Agents of SHIELD coming to a close next summer, now is as good a time as ever! My only exception would be the Inhumans with the TV show being so critically maligned, especially considering everyone who’s dying to see the royal family brought to life on the big screen as they were scheduled to in Phase 3 (Vin Diesel as Black Bolt much?) No matter what happens, we should have plenty to be optimistic about now, with the hopefully smooth union of the tv shows and movies led by Kevin Feige! – Richard Nebes, News Writer

The way I see it, either do a soft-reboot or a full-on page one reboot. Some of the performers in these shows have been stellar. Stars like Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Krysten Ritter have all had good stints on film so they seem like most logical choices to bring over. But then again, they’ve had excellent runs already and it wouldn’t hurt me to see new faces attached to the characters. As for the stories, you might as well nix them at this point because they’ve become so bloated that there’s little room for Feige to do stuff without ignoring the established TV canon. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief