Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel in SDCC last weekend was an absolute embarrassment of riches. We got a 10-property slate filled with new franchises installments, sequels, and (finally) canonical TV shows to boot. Here are our favorite announcements:

It’s hard to pick one favorite announcement from Marvel’s massive SDCC panel, but if I had to choose it would definitely have to be the Hawkeye Disney+ series. I’m a big fan of Jeremy Renner’s take on Clint Barton, and a solo series is the perfect chance to let him really shine in the role in a way we haven’t been able to seen before. Plus, it looks to be adapting the Matt Fraction run from the comics – if we go by the logo and inclusion of Kate Bishop – which is without a doubt one of Marvel’s best books in the last 10 years. If the Disney+ show can come anywhere near close to the quality of Fraction’s take on the character, then Hawkeye will be a surefire hit for Marvel. – Alex Josiah, News Writer

Out of all the announcements that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios gave us this weekend, the star-studded cast of The Eternals, the surprise Blade announcement, my favorite was absolutely the announcement of Shang-Chi. Being a martial artist, seeing Marvel bring high flying ninja action to the big screen will be a blast to get to see. Throw in the return of the Ten Rings and The Mandarin, we are going to have ourselves an ass-kicking good movie. The casting of Simu Liu was brilliant as well. I can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for us. – Blaine Henry, *Feature Writer

I already was really excited about the What If series and the potential it holds. Then seeing it announced not only as a part of the fourth phase but also featuring such a large cast I really got excited. Marvel Studios exploring a new venture in animation with a potential movie-level budget is just a great prospect for the future of the MCU. The cherry-on-top was that the logo is a great callback to the original Marvel Studios logo with some small hints hidden within just adds to the excitement. – Joseph Aberl, Editor

I may be a bit of an outlier, but the project I’m most looking forward to in Phase Four is the Disney+ show _What If? and the inclusion of Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher. The show provides an opportunity to take a look at characters who we know and love and see them from a drastically different perspective. Feige has previously said that the first episode will tell the story of what would have happened if Peggy Carter was given the super-soldier serum which opens up some incredible possibilities for the character.

How would Peggy Carter have handled the Hydra reveal in _Winter Soldier? And if Peggy wasn’t in the ice for 70 years like Steve, would Hydra have even been able to grow within SHIELD? What if Killmonger grew up in Wakanda? How would that have affected his relationship with T’Challa? Would they still have had a falling out? And being animated, the show will be able to explore these questions (and many more) through a medium we’ve never seen in the MCU. The inclusion of The Watcher is also a great way to address some of these questions without breaking the canon and Jeffrey Wright has the perfect voice to bring this ancient and mysterious being to life. So while it may not be the biggest or most exciting project Marvel has in the works, it’s definitely the one I’m most looking forward to! – Alex Lurie, *Feature Writer*

I cannot express how shocked I was to see Natalie Portman walk on stage and Taika Waititi handing her Mjolnir. It was shocking not only because Portman left the franchise on terrible terms, but that she’ll become the thunderer herself like in the comics. I think it’s the fact that Waititi was responsible for salvaging Thor as a character that they were able to convince Portman to come back and given the same treatment. – Pierre Chanliau, Editor

We had a bit of everything: sequels, originals, solos, team-ups, even a Blade and a Fantastic Four announcement out of nowhere by the end of the panel. Nothing, however, stood out to me as much as the title to Doctor Strange’s second film: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In a genre so criticized for its lack of originality, this sounds like a crazy, out of the box experiment with a character whose first movie did not perform too well. You would expect a safer, let’s-make-some-cash idea for a sequel, but Marvel Studios proves once more its boldness by giving director Scott Derrickson another shot at Strange. I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a solo MCU sequel. – Tiago Fiszbejn, News Writer

I’ve always been mixed on the MCU apologizing for what they did to the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. I’ve always appreciated the bold choice to turn this mythic warlord into a fraud, played by a bumbling Ben Kingsley nonetheless. So the MCU’s attempts to backtrack with that decision never sat well with me. That being said, cinema legend Tony Leung getting cast as the ‘real’ Mandarin is my fave announcement from last weekend. The Wong Kar-wai fan in me can’t believe this casting. I’m sooooo on board to see Leung blast lasers from his alien rings. – Charles Villanueva, Editor-in-Chief