The Disney-Fox merger is just around the corner, as it has now been approved by the European Union, and the House of Mouse is preparing the release of their upcoming streaming service. Naturally, Marvel is going to be an important part of the streaming service’s future and as such, Kevin Feige revealed that they aim to use the service to tell stories they couldn’t tell as films and we are getting quite a few teases of what we can expect. So, we got together and prepared our own hopes and dreams of what we want to see of Disney’s next big venture.

One that I’d love is a Hank Pym/ Janet Van Dyne show set in the 80s. If doing the de-aging effects for an entire season of a show would be in the budget. Characters could include Elias Starr/Egghead, Bill Foster, and other classic characters that can be goofier given the time setting. This could even take place before Hope’s birth to focus on Hank and Jan’s early days. Agent Carter, Howard Stark, Mitchell Carson, and other SHIELD related characters could show up here and there. It would also be interesting if Hank actually created the Ultron program, but after SHIELD’s collapse and the Hydra leaks, Tony discovered it and started working on it. The backstory of the Ultron program’s creation was never really explored in depth so doing it here would be cool. I’d also love to see Whirlwind make an appearance. – Curtis JohnsonFeature Writer

As much as it would sadden me to see the Netflix shows go, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing some of them live on in Disney’s streaming service under the thumb of Kevin Feige. Should Kevin ever get his hands of Daredevil, a reimagined take on the character would excite the shit out of me. I want a brighter, more colorful, larger-than-life, and high-flying Man Without Fear. Take cues from the tonalities of the Silver Age run of the character and the more contemporary trappings of Mark Waid’s incredible run. Defy groundedness, make him fight crazy bad guys and have Daredevil be the skyscraping swashbuckler he is. – Charles VillanuevaEditor-in-Chief

Marvel made a great decision back in 2011 to fill plot holes and expand on a unique or interesting corner of the MCU by producing the Marvel One-Shots. But unfortunately it wasn’t very cost effective to put a high production short on every Blu-ray, which is why we haven’t gotten any One-Shots since All Hail the King. But with Disney’s new streaming service, there’s the potential to bring back this fan favorite series! There are so many minor characters and small moments in the past 20 films that could make an interesting short. What ever happened to that SHIELD tech from Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. How difficult was it for Rhodey to put on the War Machine suit after his injury in Civil War? How did Agent Barton get involved with SHIELD? It would also be fairly inexpensive compared to some other projects already announced. Even though the show may require some big name actors, it’s not nearly as much of a commitment to do film a short than it is a full TV show. This makes it a bit more likely for some of the bigger MCU actors to sign on. – Alex LurieFeature Writer

I feel like Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) has a lot of potential as a mini-series on the streaming service since it wouldn’t discount her from appearing in the movies. It’d be a nice perspective to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that isn’t filled with spies or disaster scenarios. It’d be from the perspective of an up and coming hero that lives in New Jersey of all places defending the little people, not even super villains (well, maybe one). Plus, I would freak if they could manage a Brie Larson cameo or episode appearance. – Pierre ChanliauEditor

While the news of the FOX acquisition has created excitement around the potential of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, and rightfully so, one property that often goes overlooked is Alpha Flight. This is a group that I have always thought was meant for serialized TV storytelling but would be hard to do considering the high amount of CGI that would likely be required for the characters and their power sets. Given the news that Disney would be willing to break the bank on some of these new shows for the streaming service the free starburst spins no deposit, Alpha Flight seems like it would be a perfect fit. The team wouldn’t need to be too connected to the rest of the MCU given the fact that it takes place in Canada, and I envision a primary plot to be about our heroes working for a corrupt Department H, but having each episode focusing on a different character and their backstory along the lines of Orange is the New Black or Lost. While the MCU is likely going to focus on going cosmic with some of their new properties, it wouldn’t hurt to add some international flavor as well. – KJ CallahanFeature Writer

I love the series that they have announced so far. The big thing for me is that I think it would be a shame if the MCU lost the Netflix characters due to these recent cancelations. If Netflix does, in fact, end up canceling all of these shows, I would love to see a Defenders series on the streaming service. Disney doesn’t even necessarily have to continue the individual shows but can bundle them all together into one team-up show, focusing on the challenges of defending NYC on the street level. If Disney can take ownership of these characters and maybe even connect it a bit more under Fiege, I think that would be incredible. – Kevin CarterFeature Writer

MCU comic tie-ins have always been there, but they never got the attention they should, even when they had interesting material to be discovered. That being said, one thing everyone would love to see is some kind of short-film tie-ins for upcoming movies. For example, if The Eternals was about to be released, Marvel could make a short film (5-10 minutes tops) about some element of the picture. That would definitely make people want to use the service even more, and perhaps even get some stay-at-home fans to go to the theaters. – Tiago FiszbejnNews Writer

A personal hope is to see somewhat of a “crossover” show that connects the films, mini-series and, hopefully, the TV shows. It could be a show focused on a news bulletin in the world of superheroes, maybe they could get the rights to use the Daily Bugle. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is canceled after its sixth season, I think it could work as an ongoing series on the Disney Streaming Service to connect everything. They could bring back the characters from the original on ABC but use it as a platform to bring the different corners of the MCU together. Just imagine, Daisy, investigating some events in New York City only to run into Daredevil. Suddenly they are interrupted by Spider-Man swinging by to find out what is happening. In addition, similar to Netflix’s Marvel Collection, I hope there is a special Marvel section where they offer people the possibility to watch the MCU in chronological order. Maybe they can offer special behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming projects. The possibilities seem almost endless. – Joseph Aberl Editor

Join the conversation. What are your hoping to see on the streaming service? Add your own ideas and hopes in the comment section below.