While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge selection of characters from the comics, it’s amazing to think of how many characters we don’t see in the movies and television shows produced by Marvel. From The Avengers to The Defenders, Marvel has what seems like an endless supply of characters to draw from.

But many more characters from classic Marvel comics are at other studios. With those rights at Fox and Sony, the odds of ever seeing Deadpool (as we know him) interact with Ironman are next to zero.  At a Q&A with Stan Lee in Des Moines, Gamezone reports that Stan Lee was asked about the Marvel characters that have film rights at other studios, and his answer was (predictably) in favor of bringing everybody home.

“We should have all of our characters under Marvel,” Lee stated. “Remind me on my way home to do something about that. We’ll do our best.” He said smiling as the crowd applauded.

Of course, if the characters could be brought back to Marvel Studios, Studio head Kevin Feige would have made that happen by now. But Feige still has deep resources for the characters he can work with, and we will see as many of those that will fit on the screen in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. We already know that this film will bring together characters we know and love from the films, like Peter Quill and Spider-Man, but Lee hinted that there could be even more characters introduced in the production.

It was also hinted at that a major new character will appear in Avengers: Infinity War. When asked if he could give us any details, his assistant whispered in his ear and told him he can’t discuss it in-depth. He said that a new character (maybe multiple) would appear and it would please the fans.

While surprises are nice, many fans would have loved for that assistant to have loved for that assistant to have let the man speak freely. However, I doubt Lee got where he is, today, by spilling all of Marvel’s juiciest secrets.

Who do you think will be added to the MCU when everybody comes together for Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know, in the comments. Meanwhile, whoever gets to talk to Stan Lee next, try to talk to him without his assistant in earshot!

Source: Gamezone