The man, the myth, the legend, the face and mouth of an entire industry, co-creator of our modern myths, and the reason why we’re all here to talk about the MCU, Stan Lee, has passed at the age of 95. Even though we all knew this day would one day come given his age and recent health complications, it’s still pretty surreal writing about it.

Stan has done so much for modern pop culture and has been a beacon of joy, love, and inspiration for so many of us. A true highlight of any Marvel movie experience was seeing him pop up and make a big impression each time. But amidst this sadness, we also can’t help but feel grateful for all the years we’ve spent loving the man and his creations, celebrating them each time we took a moment from our lives to watch them in TV and film. It was a true blessing to have him in all our lives this long. We’re sure his final cameo Avengers 4 cameo will be one for the books.

Thank you, Stanley Leiber, for everything! May you rest in peace and live on forever!

Source: TMZ