Venerated comics creator Stan Lee is perhaps best known to mass audiences for his ever-present cameos in Marvel films. Since the first X-Men film came out in 2000, Stan has graced the silver screen in an assortment of special appearances. Speaking at a panel at Comic-Con, Lee had this to say about his future cameos and some mysterious project.

“I can’t tell you what the cameos are. But I just did a cameo for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy [Vol. 2].’ I was so great, when you see it you’ll all write letters to the producer asking ‘Why didn’t Stan star in the movie?’ I also did a cameo for the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange.’ But the third one is a secret, it’s for a special Disney project — and I have no idea what that means.”

What is this secret Disney project? Could it be related to some new Disney parks attraction? Lee would not say. But when asked about his favorite cameo so far, he referred to the scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he attended the party at Stark Tower and had a drink with Thor. And where his character had more to drink than any mere mortal should.

“I did one where I was somewhere with Thor, God of Thunder and Thor was drinking some potent Asgardian drink. And I said, ‘I want a sip of that… I can handle it. I took a sip, and the next scene I’m being carried out and slurring ‘Excelsior.’ Now, you may wonder why a scene that portrays me in such an unfavorable light is my favorite… I’ll tell you, this cameo is the only one I can think of where I had two scenes. Maybe next time I’ll have three!”

Stan Lee will next be seen in Doctor Strange which opens on November 4th. With any luck, he’ll add that patented Stan Lee magic to the mystical Marvel property.

Source: Comic Book Resources