If the preview night and early morning of the first day are any indications, SDCC ’17 could be a veritable treasure trove of Marvel information. First thing this morning, Netflix Korea was kind enough to share this quick Defenders teaser, prepping us for what will probably be a new, full-length trailer released sometime this weekend. The teaser is mostly composed of stuff we’ve seen before except for a very fun surprise in the end! Make sure to watch until the last second!

A pretty fun teaser considering this might be the closest thing we’ll ever get to a full blown Stan Lee cameo in Defenders-related media. Even better is that unexpected first look/tease of Frank Castle in the Punisher series! It’s certain at this point that we’ll get a Punisher teaser this weekend! The Marvel TV/Netflix panel is scheduled for tomorrow so we imagine we will be absolutely inundated with information about Defenders, Punisher and maybe even more, so stay with us as we bring you complete coverage of all things Marvel at SDCC ’17!

Source: Twitter