Here is a rather interesting tease. Artist Stefano Caselli took to Instagram to tease a secret project over at Marvel Studios. The artist is known for working on a variety of comics such as Iron Man and West Coast Avengers. Caselli was very careful in the picture he shared, which looks like it belongs to an internal project program. He certainly shared just enough to start a variety of potential theories. Is he currently working on one of the projects that will soon be released? Could he be preparing something for a still-unannounced project? The only thing we can be certain of is that we can expect his art to show up somewhere in the future.

Up until now, Marvel Studios has an incredible group of people responsible for preparing the concept art, which includes Andy Park and Ryan Meinerding. Caselli might be involved in preparing a poster for an upcoming film. Captain Marvel will release soon and he could be involved to promote the film with some additional posters. Here is hoping we get a glimpse at Goose in his incredible artwork style. There is also the possibility that Kevin Feige and his team have something special planned for Avengers: Endgame. Last year was the tenth anniversary and Endgame will signal the end of an era, so they might want to go all out with the promotion. Caselli‘s work on West Coast Avengers has been amazing so cannot wait to see what this project turn out to be.

A personal hope is that they may be getting some promotional ideas together to promote the upcoming Disney+ projects. They have not started production as of yet but with The Mandalorians potentially being presented on April 11th to Disney’s investors, this might be their way to start teasing their upcoming projects. It is still strange to think we haven’t gotten an official word from Marvel on any of their projects beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home. Here’s hoping we get a special event to find out where the MCU is heading in the next ten years.

Source: Heroic Hollywood,