You gotta love them Stranger Things kids. They’re fun to watch on-screen, adorable off-screen and some of them were actually hanging out on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Even cooler, one of them has shown interest in playing Miles Morales in the MCU. Taking to Instagram to survey the reactions of fans to a side by side photo, Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin posted the following:

As expected, the people on Caleb’s Instagram account are losing their minds over the idea of him playing Miles Morales. I for one love the idea of him playing Miles in the MCU. Heck, I’m all for any of the Stranger Things cast joining the MCU. Caleb is currently two years older than the 13-year old Miles Morales, so should he be cast in the next 2 years or so, he would still be a good fit. However, given the recency of Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker in the MCU, the inclusion of Miles Morales this early in the Spider-Man story might not mean as much as it did in the comics. But who knows? I’m sure they could find a way to include Miles this early in the MCU with Caleb as the character.

Source: Instagram