If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, you’ll know that Marvel Studios made a big change with the leader of the Kree. Instead of the Supreme Intelligence being a head in a jar, it was portrayed by Oscar nominated actress Annette Bening. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll never see the giant, green headed leader. As Yon-Rogg in the movie explains that “No one can look upon the Supreme Intelligence in its true form”. Which doesn’t exclude us from seeing it in its more comic-accurate appearance in the future.

In an interview with comicbook.com, production designer Andy Nicholson says that it even almost made it into the final cut of the movie.

“As an idea, it was never rejected. At one stage, it was part of the movie. I’m not the person to say whether or not that will eventually come back in but it was part of it.”

Nicholson says that its true from would have been shown in the movie’s most pivotal scene. When Carol removes the inhibitor on her neck, we would have seen the true face of the Kree Empire. But, the team decided that it was going to end up being too weird and distract from Carol’s big moment.

“I think eventually for the final scene of the movie, it would’ve taken away from what was the core focus which was, it would’ve been a big spectacle which would’ve overwhelmed the main thrust of what we were doing which was talking about Carol’s development and transformation into Captain Marvel.”

However, again, this does not prevent this true form from appearing in future sequels. Since they’ve clearly set up the fact that the Supreme Intelligence does have a “true form”.

Source: ComicBook.com