It was about a year ago that it was confirmed that Surtur, the fiery demon lord of the realm Muspelheim, would be making an appearance in November’s Thor: Ragnarok. Fans were ecstatic as Surtur has long been a staple of the Norse mythos and one of the God of Thunder’s fiercest adversaries. Now fans can get more excited as we finally have a first look at the character, courtesy of the Funko’s upcoming Ragnarok POP! catalog. Check it out!

Hoooo boy! This look for Surtur is amazing. Granted, it’s not the most authentic look at the character but it’s enough to give us an idea how the character is going to look. They got the demon horns down (which in this toy reminds me of Shao Khan’s bone mask from Mortal Kombat) along with his fiery aura. Even more exciting is the freaking Twilight Sword in his hand!

For those who aren’t in the know, the Twilight Sword was a weapon forged by him in the heart of a galaxy he destroyed known as the Burning Galaxy. That galaxy was home to a race of aliens known as the Korbinites, who have been seen in concept art in the past, and are the race of the hero known as Beta Ray Bill (cross your fingers!). You can think of the sword as the Sword To Rule Them All. It’s capable of immense feats of destruction and is one of the catalysts in this whole Ragnarok debacle. Here’s what the sword looked like in the comics:

What do you think of Surtur’s look for the film? Any Walt Simonson fans here? Will you be getting this toy as soon as it’s out? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Funko