We here at MCU Exchange received a bit of an early Christmas present when Luke Cage was officially given the go for a second season. That show meant a lot to a lot of people and it has been the most enjoyable of the Netflix shows for me. I could have spent another 13 episodes with the deep cast of characters, getting to know and see them all interact. While I understand that the other shows may have had more of the type of action people long to see, this show, to me, was all about the characters and I thought almost all of them were artfully crafted. That having been said, there were a few characters that left us far too soon (R.I.P., Cornell!) and a few that we certainly look forward to getting more time with in season 2. Season 1 ended with a lot of loose threads we’d like to see followed and we came up with a few new ones that we’d like to see get started. So with Santa on his way soon, we are presenting our Luke Cage, Season 2 Sweet Christmas Wish List…Santa knows better than to mess with Power Man!

Shades Alvarez…and his son?


Let’s be honest: we all want to see more of Shades. One of the most interesting and mysterious characters of Season 1, Shades managed to wiggle his way to the top by manipulating everyone around him. Theo Rossi is a top-shelf talent and they didn’t leave him where he was as the series ended with the intent of never using him again.

If there’s one other thing about Shades we’d like to see, it’d be what he’s up to when he’s not manipulating the crime world. I’ve mentioned this before, but here it is again: in the comics Shades has a son who grows up to be a relatively major player. We don’t know if the MCU version of Shades has a kid, but if he does, we would like for him to show up, setting the stage for him to take on the mantle of Power Man down the line.

More Mariah


Alfre Woodard‘s Mariah Dillard absolutely shocked us all when she relieved her cousin, Cornell, of his duties at his establishment. At that moment we realized there was much more to the character than what we had seen and now, we want to see more. There’s no doubt that we will see her return in Season 2 and having grown comfortable in her position. It’s interesting to think what she may get up to going forward given her political ambitions, but I don’t think she’s going to be all sunshine and rainbows. We’ll see where things stand post-Defenders, but it seems clear that the street-level crime that Daredevil and Luke Cage have fought so hard to clean up isn’t going away. With some of the big players in Harlem laid low, could Wilson Fisk’s eventual freedom set him on a path to meet up with Mariah, expanding his reach? I could see Shades and Fisk doing some talking on her behalf…

Lonnie Lincoln luke3 If you’re not familiar with Lonnie Lincoln, aka Tombstone, you might want to read up. Born and raised in Harlem, Lonnie Lincoln used his size and strength as a bully at an early age and kept right on going until he became one of the most ruthless street-level villains in Marvel’s stable.

Why Tombstone? His unique look alone is enough to make him one of the most iconic characters in Marvel’s Netflix universe. Lincoln’s albinism along with his 6’7″ frame and razor sharp teeth would offer the type of appearance we’ve yet to encounter in the MCU. While he’s traditionally been a Spider-Man villain, he’s recently appeared in David Walker’s fine ongoing Power Man and Iron Fist and served as one of the primary antagonists in Luke Cage Noir. He might be just the guy to show up and give Luke Cage someone to beat on in Season 2. With the way things went down in season 1, Mariah may be looking for some muscle. We hope that muscle is Tombstone!



I don’t know if I want to see Comanche the trick-shot archer running around Harlem, but I’d certainly like to see more of Shades’ partner in crime that threw Carl Lucas a beating in Seagate. He doesn’t need to take on a major role, but for the sake of making Harlem even more like its comic counterpart, Comanche needs to join up with Shades. Played by former NFL Pro Bowl running back Thomas Jones, Comanche is the kind of friend Shades might need to reach out to now that many of his old running mates aren’t doing much. Speaking of…

Return of the “Pimp Stormtrooper”


The last we saw of Willis Stryker, he was being visited in his jail bed by Dr. Noah Burstein seemingly hinting that we’ve not seen the last of him AND then when we do see him again, he’ll be sporting some super powers. This would be an entirely new direction for the character so we don’t have anything particular in mind, but we’d like to see him powered up and back after his brother. Can you dig it???

Creative Ways to Kill the Power Man

It seems unlikely that Mariah will continue to try killing Cage by shooting him…at least you’d think. As much as I want to see Luke go up against Lonnie Lincoln, I’d have to say it’s pretty hard to imagine that Mariah, who mentioned poisoning Power Man in Season 1, isn’t going to do some brainstorming about how to get rid of Cage. “Let’s think of all the ways we can’t kill him and then we’ll be left with how.” Whatever the case, we hope to see our hero put in some real danger when he’s not being shot at.

Sure Cage is strong, but he can drown. He can freeze to death. In the comics, he was affected by radiation poisoning. And while I’m fairly certain that if you or I hit him, we’d break our bones, getting beat on by a group of people with powers equivalent to an Asgardian might do the trick.

The Wrecking Crew


Each of the members of the Wrecking Crew is incredibly strong, virtually as strong as your average Asgardian. They all meet in prison and get their powers by holding a fancy crowbar during a lighting storm (kids, do not try this at home…you will not be given mystical powers…your ass will fry). They take on the names Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball and routinely go on violent crime sprees only to be defeated and put in prison again. Rinse. Repeat.

I like the idea of the Wrecking Crew facing off against Cage, but I have no clue how these guys enter the MCU with the same abilities as they have in the comics. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get an updated version of them fueled by Dr. Burstein’s work (we could certainly see Dr. Burstein getting back to work in the underground prison system and running across guys like these).

Misty Knight’s New Arm


We know we aren’t alone on this one with Simone Missick having discussed how weird it is that everyone wants her to be dismembered, but we still want it to happen! I absolutely loved the look she was sporting as the series ended, but to me, Misty isn’t Misty without that bionic arm. It’s possible she’ll lose the arm during The Defenders, setting her up to appear in season 2 looking like the Misty Knight we all know and love!

What’s on your Sweet Christmas wish list for Season 2? Let us know in the comments.