This probably won’t be much of a surprise. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is already in talks with Marvel Studios to return as a director. This information comes straight after the reveal that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘s production was paused after the firing of James Gunn. Naturally, this makes one assume that the discussion might be about him taking over the film’s empty directors chair, as it was in its early stages of pre-production. He would seem like a natural fit, especially with his sense of style and comedy. Ragnarok and the Guardians films are very flashy, colorful and packed with humor. Waititi would be the best choice to keep the design and humor true to the past two films. Yet, the director has been known for his very unique style of directing. Visually speaking he has a similar style to Gunn but one can still see clear differences between the director’s approaches to film. So, here are a few films we think he might potentially direct in the MCU.

Thor 4

Let us get the obvious choice out first. It would make sense for Taika Waititi to return for another sequel of Thor. While it is unsure if any of the original trilogies might actually be continued beyond Avengers 4, it is still a fun thought experiment to play with. So much so that We prepared an entire article on what Marvel Studios could do with the character beyond the upcoming finale of Phase 3. As mentioned in the article, Thor’s character feels like he still has some unfinished business that could carry his franchise into one last fourth installment. They could pull in so many unused storylines such as the God Butcher, the Midgard Serpent or even the Godbomb. Waititi also gave us the most visually stunning adventure for the character and it would be a great style to revisit with him. His film Hunt for the Wilderpeople highlighted his ability to juggle both drama and comedy so seeing Thor getting over all his past losses while exploring the galaxy would be an interesting fit for Waititi‘s return to the MCU.


Waititi has proven that he has a clear understanding of the cosmic universe that James Gunn established with the Guardians films. This is also one of the reasons he is considered to be a good successor for the now on hold third installment. His understanding of the cosmic side of the MCU would make him a perfect fit for any space adventure. There has been one character that Gunn indirectly already introduced and that would be Nova. We got our first look at the Nova Corps during the events of Guardians of the Galaxy. We know that the space cops were destroyed by Thanos shortly before the events of Avengers: Infinity War takes place. We could see one rogue member of the organization set out to keep the peace throughout the various space sectors while keeping the organization alive in some way or another. We could even see Sam Alexander getting the helmet from his late father who disappeared a long time ago. Without realizing what happened to him, he would set out to find out what happened while exploring the vast galaxy with a childlike wonder. Waititi would be a perfect fit to make the galaxy look like a playground while we explore places we have yet to see.

Vision/Scarlet Witch

This idea is something that Waititi has pitched himself. He joked around about wanting to make a mockumentary or even a romantic comedy involving the Vision. The concept is quite out there but it would be an interesting concept to explore in the MCU. Kevin Feige has often pointed out that they want to elevate their films beyond just being considered as “superhero films”. We may have gotten a team-up with this year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp but we never got a flat-out romance film in the franchise. Let us be honest, after what these two characters had to go through in the events of Infinity War they kind of deserve a break. The director could also add his usual sense of humor to break the clichés of a classic rom-com. We are talking about a film that would feature an emotionless android hitting on a witch. They could go one step further and have it all connect to Wanda’s abilities that would make the audience wonder if everything happening on screen is even real. While turning a romantic comedy into a mystery thriller would be quite an interesting twist with these characters, especially taking in the crazier aspects of their romance from the comics.

Wonder Man

Here is one last character that might be perfect for Taika Waititi. There was a slight chance that we would finally see Simon Williams on the screen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He was going to appear in posters of a film festival and Nathan Fillion was cast for the role. Sadly, it never made it into the film but that does not mean he may never appear again in the MCU. A while back we prepared an article about how Wonder Man would be perfect for a TV series but he is a natural fit for a film as well. He is a comedic character and Waititi would add the perfect touch for a memorable comedy. Moreover, he may offer a fresh take on modern Hollywood which could even throw in some funny nods to the entire MCU as a whole. Just imagine iconic players from Marvel Studios appearing throughout the film or even old directors having cameos as their films end up getting disrupted by an escalating fight from Wonder Man. He might even get creative as the third act fight keeps escalating throughout various film set pieces. A man with such creativity could give us the MCU’s most creative action sequence.

There are so many possibilities what Taika Waititi could direct. We asked some of our staffers, KJ Callahan and Tiago Fiszbejn which films they wanted Taika to tackle. Here’s what they had to say respectively:


A Quasar movie based heavily off of Mark Grunewald’s early 90’s run. As we move into Phase 4, one would think we’re going to start being formally introduced to the cosmic entities at some point, and I think doing so via Quasar offers a tremendous opportunity for quality Waititi dialogue. With a power level similar to Captain Marvel, Quasar could be written as a light-hearted young adult who is completely unworthy of this power, yet he is unphased by the scope of what he’s involved in as he travels the universe and tries to carry on casual conversations with the likes of Eternity, Infinity, and Death. Plus, the side plot of Quasar’s dad and Eon building a friendship while Quasar is out saving the universe seems perfect for Waititi’s style. Grunewald’s run included some humor that didn’t exactly land correctly at the time, but, there are plenty of ideas there that Waititi could use to make it the funniest movie in the MCU.

Fantastic Four

Well, nearly everyone is talking about how great a fit he’d be for Guardians 3, so I’ll just ignore that which is the most natural choice. Taika is a talented director and other films of his show that he can do a lot more than just comedy. Judging what would be a good fit for him based only on Ragnarok is a mistake, so I’m gonna go with Fantastic Four. After the Fox thing is complete, we all know an MCU FF is bound to happen eventually. We have two very extreme examples of this property: a full-on comedy and a full-on sci-fi drama, both not nearly as good a movie as Marvel’s first family deserves. So taking into consideration Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, two films in which Taika’s talent to mix comedy and drama into family issues show, I’d say Fantastic Four directed by Taika Waititi is a pretty great idea.

want to hear your guys opinion on what film he could potentially direct. What would be your top pick?

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