One big mystery of Captain America: Civil War was where the characters not on screen were while all of the conflict was happening. One of those missing characters was Thor, who’s mystery was explained by a documentary-style video shown at San Diego Comic-Con, tonight.

While the video isn’t yet available to share, the descriptions make it sound pretty entertaining.

Thor’s time away seems to have been filled with rather mundane things, such as moving in with a normal person, dictating letters to Iron Man and Captain America, Building a Conspiracy board for the Infinity Stones, having coffee with Bruce Banner, and referring to Tony Stark as “T-Bone.”

Hopefully the footage will be available to the public somehow, and we’ll bring it to you, when it is.

Along with that fun reveal, Marvel also released a brand new logo for Thor: Ragnarok and it’s a fun one!


Until then, stay tuned for all of the Hall H news for tonight!