Thor: Ragnarok was Taika Waititi’s first big Hollywood film, leading fans of his previous and highly-acclaimed indie work to be curious of the results. Waititi has been a joy to watch during the promotion of the film, feeling right at home with the Marvel family while flaunting his own quirky brand of humor and creativity. Through this video from Vanity Fair, we get to see how some of the gears turned inside Waititi’s head when filming this movie.

Without spoiling too much context, this moment between Thor and Loki was one of the richer character interactions between the two. You get a sense of history between the two from action, not solely from exposition, and you see how the two grow and begin to see each other differently after their many misadventures. Plus, it’s just a funny sequence.

And it’s always a privilege to learn about the filmmaking process from a primary source. Waititi breaks down (quite comically) how the shots were set up, what is real and what is fake and his thought process on how character development and action works in his stories. Marvel Studios is lucky to have Waititi in their payroll, and the rest of us are lucky to even just listen to his Kiwi accent.

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Source: Vanity Fair (YouTube)