Thor: Ragnarok may feature the Hulk and Doctor Strange, but those were surprisingly not the only big additions to the cast. No, we did not get any other major MCU characters in the film, but some well-known actors taking on minor roles for one of the film’s funniest gags. Director Taika Waititi sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and revealed a bit more about how the whole thing came together, as well as how they managed to keep it a secret as long as they did.

Warning, if you haven’t seen the film yet, then only proceed at your own risk. The article contains major spoilers from a key scene in the film from the first act. 


After Thor returns home to Asgard, he gets a small glimpse at Odin enjoying a play. This play actually turns out to be a reenactment of a sequence from 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, wherein Thor believes his brother Loki was dying. Fans of the MCU naturally know that he survived the ordeal and took over as king of Asgard. The play contains many major characters from the Thor franchise, but three specific roles stick out. Thor was played by Chris Hemsworth‘s brother Luke, who some may recognize from Westworld. Jurassic Park veteran Sam Neill took on the role of Odin after having worked with director Waititi on his last film, The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The biggest surprise was seeing Loki played by Matt Damon. The director did point out that they were having some fun with these castings.

It’s not a scene that is so important that cameos are going to be distracting. It was just a little bit of flavor. It was acknowledging the other films and kissing them goodbye in a fun way, with fun people.

This casting was a huge surprise for many, as not even screenwriter Eric Pearson knew about it until July’s San Diego Comic-Con. He pointed out that even with Marvel’s strong focus on secrecy, this was one of the craziest stunts they pulled. The way they kept this a secret was by filming these scenes as part of their reshoots. As a result, not many key members of the production team were aware of the casting. The idea for this sequence came from the question, what would be the most narcissistic thing Loki could do, as he rules over Asgard.

I wanted to have an interesting way of returning to see Loki as Odin. Because I don’t know if people would remember him from the end of Thor: Dark World as sitting on the throne.

This small addition highlights many aspects of the film. There are many moments that are quite self-referential. Korg’s confusion about Thor being able to fly with his hammer poked fun at his rather odd abilities, as well as the over-usage of “the sun’s getting real low” lullaby from Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film even pokes fun Thor and Loki’s bizarre relationship over the course of the films, such as the God of Thunder calmly remembering a time when Loki tried to stab him as a kid. Hopefully, we get another Marvel film from Taika Waititi that may surprise us with even more random cameos and jabs at the overall MCU.

What did you think of the scene? Was Matt Damon the perfect Loki?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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