Things are starting to heat up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last night’s episode revealed that Dr. Radcliffe was behind Aida going rogue and that he was ultimately after the Darkhold. Next week’s episode looks to be ramping things up even more as we continue to explore Radcliffe’s motivation and start to dive deep into Director Mace’s past.

Glorious Mustache aside, General Talbot’s (Adrian Pasdar) return in this episode is no surprise as we learned last night that Senator Nadeer is in league with the anti-Inhuman group, the Watch Dogs. What is surprising, is that the dialog we hear in the clip is more centered around Mace and not the growing Watch Dog issue. And what’s the deal with the briefcase?!

Seriously, what's up with the briefcase?

Seriously, what’s up with the briefcase?

We also get a both real May, who is locked up at Radcliffe’s house, and LMD May, which is still doing a hell of a job posing as the real deal in SHIELD HQ. As we saw in last night’s episode, LMD May has no clue she’s not the real May nor that she’s been tasked to steal the Darkhold, and if this clip is any indication, it seems to be messing with her head.

Finally, we get a look at what appears to be some press conference that is attacked. From the Press Photos released yesterday, we get a better idea of what is going on here. It looks like both Director Mace and Daisy Johnson are taking part in the press conference, probably in some attempt to legitimize Daisy/Quake even more, or possibly to reward her for saving all of those lives mentioned in last night’s episode. Either way, it’s a pretty solid bet that the Watch Dogs are behind the attack.

Looks like Daisy and Director Mace there in the middle.

Looks like Daisy and Director Mace there in the middle.

What do you think is going on at this press conference? What the heck is in the briefcase? Sound off in the comments below.