Not only are there two episodes of Agent Carter airing tonight, but two of Peggy’s greatest threats – Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) and Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) – will come head to head tonight. Anxiously awaiting the meeting between the two? Entertainment Weekly has revealed an exclusive still featuring Underwood and Frost, and from the look of things, it appears as though Dottie has meet her match.

Along with the still from Entertainment Weekly, Regan took some time to talk with the folks over at TV Guide about Dottie’s return tonight, and what we can expect when the two powerful women come face to face.

Dottie and Whitney are both very ruthless and powerful women. So what’s it like when they come face to face?

Regan: Well, the interesting thing about Dottie and one of my favorite things about her is that she doesn’t have any special powers. She’s just a real badass. So when she encounters Whitney, she’s just like the rest of the characters in the show and the audience. She’s just stunned. “What is this zero matter?” And in that moment Dottie is just human, which I love. She’s like an even playing field in terms of her and everyone else, except Whitney has this power that is totally bizarre and scary, and we get to see how Whitney uses that.

In a seperate interview with series star Hayley Atwell, she discussed what leads to her seeking help from someone like Dottie (which you can see a preview of in the above clip) – someone that has shown she can’t be trusted time and time again. As she states below, Peggy knows that she can use a “floating assassin” like Dottie to her advantage, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that said assassin can be trusted. (Something Regan herself has echoed in recent interviews.)

“Peggy has to use Dottie and control Dottie to her advantage to help come get Whitney Frost, which is whole new dynamic in her relationship with Dottie, who becomes this floating assassin that’s kind of a freelancer and always a threat to Peggy,” star Hayley Atwell tells EW. “She’s having to be used to get to the main nemesis to get to Whitney Frost.”

Still not excited about tonight’s episode? Hypable has five teasers from what to expect from both of tonight’s episodes, and from the sound of things, it appears as though crap will hit the fan tonight.

  • Jason is changing: According to Hypable, we’re going to see “another side” to the character over the next two episodes, and there will be significant changes.
  • Peggy does have a terrible idea: When Peggy initially brought up the idea of seeking help from Dottie, she willingly acknowledged it was a terrible idea. Well, according to Hypable, someone is going to pay the price for Peggy’s decision this week – and it won’t be Peggy.
  • The relationship drama is not over: If you’re not a fan of the on-going love triangle this season, chances are you won’t be too thrilled knowing it’ll continue on tonight’s episodes. On the plus side, however, it appears Jarvis will be offering a good amount of comedy regarding Peggy’s love life tonight.
  • Power changes hands: Perhaps the most exciting tease from Hypable. While those in power have remained consistent so far this season, expect things to change by the end of the seventh episode. Big time.
  • There’s a serious body count: I’m just going to leave this here: “One regularly-credited character gets a notable send-off in these two episodes, while another’s fate is left in major jeopardy.”

Agent Carter will air episodes six (“Life of the Party”) and seven (“Monsters”) tonight on ABC. Be sure to tune in!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Hypable.